пятница, 30 июня 2017 г.

Three Strikes: Braves’ Mike Foltynewicz comes up just short of a no-no against the A’s

If Friday's outing was any indication, the Braves have themselves a staple in their rotation in Mike Foltynewicz, while the Dodgers and Padres got weird in their tilt.

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Grades: Timberwolves Find Optimal Point Guard Fit With Jeff Teague

The Minnesota Timberwolves have nabbed their point guard of the future in Jeff Teague. 

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Report: Nuggets, Wolves considered front-runners for Paul Millsap

The latest on Paul Millsap's free agency.

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Grades: Warriors Lavish Stephen Curry With Record-Setting $201 Million Max Deal

Stephen Curry has agreed to the NBA's first $201 million contract, which is fitting for a player who changed the game. 

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Braves SP Mike Foltynewicz has no-hitter through seven innings vs. Athletics

Braves SP Mike Foltynewicz is going for his first career no-hitter against the A's.

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Report: Warriors expected to sign Stephen Curry to five-year, $201 million max contract

Stephen Curry will soon be getting paid.

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NBA Free Agency 2017: Grading Every Deal

The Crossover's experts are here to grade every deal in NBA free agency. Here, you can find every instant reaction in one place.

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Report: Jeff Teague expected to sign with Timberwolves

Pacers guard Jeff Teague is reportedly expected to join to the Timberwolves.

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Trade Grades: Thunder Poach Paul George From Pacers In Stunner

The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded for Paul George in absolute coup by GM Sam Presti. 

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Reports: Pacers trade Paul George to Thunder

The Indiana Pacers have reportedly traded forward Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Grades: Clippers Max Out Blake Griffin On Five-Year Deal

The Clippers lost Chris Paul, but they weren't willing to part with Blake Griffin. They will keep him with a five-year, max deal.

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2017 NBA Free Agency: Live Blog

Several big names have moved already, but the start of NBA free agency is finally upon us. Follow along for live analysis and reaction. 

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Reports: Blake Griffin will stay with Clippers on five-year, $173 million contract

Blake Griffin is reportedly staying put in Los Angeles.

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Reports: Wizards offer John Wall $170 million max extension

The Wizards have reportedly offered John Wall an $170 million maximum contract extension.

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Wait, did Tim Tebow just rob a home run?

This really happened.

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NBA rumors: Ricky Rubio on the move as free agency opens

NBA free agency opens up at midnight on Friday.

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Trade Grade: Ricky Rubio Deal Doesn't Resolve Jazz's PG Issues

The Jazz have been in search of a point guard for years. Adding Ricky Rubio doesn't end that quest. 

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Former NFL tight end Mitchell Henry dies of leukemia at 24

Former NFL tight end Mitchell Henry died Friday at age 24 after experiencing complications from acute myeloid leukemia.

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Reports: Jazz trade for Timberwolves PG Ricky Rubio

The Jazz are reportedly trading a first-round pick for Ricky Rubio. 

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J.J. Redick interested in joining Houston Rockets

The veteran shooting guard is also looking at the 76ers and the Nets.

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Bulls release Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is out of Chicago after just one season with the Bulls. 

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Virginia football player wins the lottery—literally

His grandma picked the numbers for him. 

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Adrian Wojnarowski's quiet day is by design

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It's not the World Cup, but USA vs. Ghana still has plenty riding on it in 2017

Once again, the USA and Ghana will meet in international competition. Do the countries have a rivalry? They disagree. 

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Nicki Minaj promised to shout out Brad Wing and actually followed through

Ah, the classic shoutout to the punter. 

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Nike says Rob Gronkowski's logo looks too much like the Jumpman

The shoe company is contesting Gronkowski's trademark attempt.

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Watch: Yes, Floyd Mayweather is going to kill Conor McGregor

Yep, this fight is not going to end well for Conor McGregor.

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Jeff Jarrett’s plan to rebuild Impact Wrestling begins with Slammiversary 15

Jeff Jarrett has big things planned for Slammiversary and Impact Wrestling's future as a whole. 

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Legal hurdles face Venus Williams after her involvement in fatal car accident

Venus Williams likely isn't looking at jail time, but she faces some thorny legal problems after her involvement in a fatal car accident in Florida.

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'Eat because it's a window into a culture': 76ers chef's journey from Seoul to Seattle to the NBA

How the 76ers' executive chef JaeHee Cho went from watching NBA games in Seoul, Korea to cooking for Joel Embiid and his teammates in Philadelphia. 

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Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number and this poor guy got hundreds of calls

"Is this Jimmy Butler?" "No this is Michael."

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How Villanova's senior-free lineup sets up for another deep March run

After winning it all two years ago, Villanova fell victim to another early tournament exit. Will Jalen Brunson & Co. be able to bring the Final Four back into focus?

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Traina Thoughts: Happy #SocialMediaDay

#SocialMediaDay is a good time to honor Kate Upton, Jerry Seinfeld, Gronk and others.

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City Guides: Where to eat, drink across the U.S.

City Guides: Recommendations for where to eat and drink across the United States. 

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Report: The Cubs wanted Donald Trump to say "You're fired" to Miguel Montero

Get it? Like from the TV show?

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NBA players are just as mad as you are that you need Tidal to hear the Jay Z album

That's seriously the only way to hear the new Jay Z?

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Could this be the Saints' last season with Drew Brees and Sean Payton?

Could this be the last season of Drew Brees and Sean Payton with the New Orleans Saints?

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The NCAA needs to start planning for a world where sports betting is widely legal

The NCAA's knee-jerk response is to fight anything that might help betting proliferate, but soon it might not be so simple.

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White Sox starter Carlos Rodon will succeed once he commands his erratic slider

Carlos Rodon has electric stuff, but his control has been erratic. The White Sox starter is close to solving those problems, and his ceiling is high.

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Watch: Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union accept challenge to sing 'Hamilton' song

Thankfully the Bulls aren't paying Wade to sing.

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Complete 2017 Wimbledon TV schedule, live stream information

How to watch Wimbledon online. See a complete TV schedule the men's and women's draw.

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Video: Brazilian referee pulls out gun on the field after player allegedly punched him

The shocking incident occurred in an amateur game. 

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Roundtable: NBA Free Agency Bold Predictions

Will Paul George join a superteam? Is the Banana Boat Crew working behind the scenes? We make bold free agency predictions.

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Where to eat, drink in Los Angeles

Heading to Los Angeles soon? Don't miss these food trucks and restaurants. 

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Where to eat, drink in Lansing, Michigan

Heading to Lansing to see the Spartans? Here are a couple of must-hit restaurants near Michigan State. 

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Where to eat, drink in Knoxville

Heading to Knoxville? Here are a couple of must-hit restaurants near the University of Tennessee. 

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Lawsuit filed in fatal crash involving Venus Williams

Lawsuit filed in fatal crash involving Venus Williams.

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Buster Posey offers catching tips, perspective on virtual reality

"It was like an out-of-body experience," says Buster Posey of virtual reality.

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Where to eat, drink in Oklahoma City

Heading to Oklahoma City? Don't miss these restaurants. 

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Where to eat, drink in Chicago

Heading to Chicago? Don't miss these restaurants for some great barbecue. 

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Where to eat, drink near Miramar Beach, Florida

Heading through Miramar Beach, Grayton Beach or Santa Rosa Beach in Florida? Don't miss these restaurants. 

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Where to eat, drink in Pensacola, Florida

Heading to Pensacola, Florida? Don't miss these restaurants. 

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Emily Ratajkowski reveals people won't work with her because her "boobs are too big"

Emily Ratajkowski reveals that she loses some jobs because people think her "boobs are too big."

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Where to eat, drink in Manhattan, Kansas

Heading to Manhattan, Kansas to see the Wildcats? Here are a couple of must-hit restaurants near Kansas State. 

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Where to eat, drink in Sarasota

Heading to Sarasota, Florida? Don't miss these restaurants. 

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Where to eat, drink in Mobile, Alabama

Heading to Mobile, Alabama? Don't miss these restaurants. 

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Where to eat, drink in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Heading to Tuscaloosa to see the Crimson Tide? Here are a couple of must-hit restaurants near the University of Alabama. 

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Where to eat, drink in Lexington, Kentucky

Paying a visit to the University of Kentucky in Lexington? Here are the restaurants you should stop to eat at. 

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Where to eat, drink in Starkville, Mississippi

Heading to Starkville to see the Bulldogs? Here are a few must-hit restaurants near Mississippi State. 

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Where to eat, drink in Shreveport, Louisana

Heading to Shreveport, Louisiana soon? Don't miss these restaurants. 

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Where to eat, drink in Baton Rouge

Heading to Baton Rouge? Don't miss these restaurants near LSU. 

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Talking Football with the Browns’ Last QB to Win a Championship

Cleveland is embracing analytics as a core tenet of its rebuilding plan, but 50 years ago, the quarterback from the Browns' last NFL championship team had the same idea about trusting the numbers

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Nearly 30 years after tip-off, did Chicago's midnight basketball league make a difference?

In the 1990s, dozens of late-night hoops leagues across the country brought together sports and social services for young men in rough neighborhoods. Did they work?

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Meet the Strava troll: Former pro cyclist Phil Gaimon is out to break all your records

Former pro Phil Gaimon is on a mission to capture records that other cyclists have set on Strava.

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The top 25 restaurant chains in America by sales

Last year was a tough year for traditional fast food burger chains, though you wouldn't necessarily notice that by looking at a list of the top 25 largest restaurant chains

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NBA Social Rankings: Who Won The Week?

Jimmy Butler took the NBA Social Rankings title this week when he proceeded to give out his actual cell number and field phone calls from fans. 

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Friday's Hot Clicks: Sofia Jamora; Meet the most undateable man in New York City

In Friday's Hot Clicks, we look at the most undateable man in NYC. Plus, a look at the lovely Sofia Jamora.

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Wimbledon 2017 seed reports

Breaking down the Wimbledon 2017 draw, including top first-round matchups on the schedule, predictions and more. 

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Wimbledon 2017 women's seed report

Breaking down the Wimbledon 2017 women's draw, including matches to watch, dark horses and more.

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Wimbledon 2017 men's seed report

Breaking down the Wimbledon 2017 men's draw, including matches to watch, dark horses and more.

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Five common burger mistakes—and how to avoid them this summer

The five common burger mistakes and how you can avoid them.

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Five rookie mistakes to avoid when grilling over charcoal

Avoid looking like an amateur with these five tips for charcoal grilling.

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Reddit is freaking out over this genius method for reheating pizza

Forget the microwave. Grab a skillet and some water to reheat your cold pizza.

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Nine refreshing fruit-flavored beers you need try this summer

Cool down this summer with these nine fruit-flavored beers.

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NBA Free Agency And The Supermax Paradox

It doesn't look like the new CBA is accomplishing its stated goals, but the league may have accidentally gotten it right anyway.

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Six ways Southerners cook with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is more than just a drink. Find out how it can be used to cook the perfect meal.

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Your guide to the best—and weirdest—ballpark food from all 30 MLB stadiums

Your guide to the best and weirdest food items from all 30 MLB ballparks. 

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Welcome to SI Eats

Welcome to SI Eats, where food, drink, culture and sports intersect. 

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The case for time off: Roger Federer's downtime could pay off big at Wimbledon

Roger Federer's time off this season could pay off big at Wimbledon—it's a move that many top athletes are doing today in order to sustain their excellence deep into their 30s.

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Coaching’s Generation Y2K

In the early 2000s, a wave of new technology cracked the door open for the newest generation of NFL coaching stars

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NBA free agency and trade rumors: Blake Griffin to meet with Suns, Clippers

Catch up with all the latest news and rumors here.

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четверг, 29 июня 2017 г.

Losing Trea Turner hurts, but Nationals' bullpen problem is far more worrisome

Trea Turner's broken wrist is a setback to the first-place Nationals, but Washington's real issue is its mess of a bullpen—and the fact that there are no easy ways to fix it.

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How to watch the Wimbledon draw: Live stream, time, updates

Here's how to watch the draws for 2017 Wimbledon men's and women's singles will be announced.

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Steve Kerr: ‘Out of respect for office,’ Warriors would consider White House trip

Steve Kerr discussed the Warriors' potential trip to the White House at length on Thursday. They have not yet been invited.

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Yankees rookie Dustin Fowler carted off with injury during first major league inning

Dustin Fowler's career is off to a difficult start.

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Report: Knicks to interview former Cavs GM David Griffin

The Knicks will reportedly interview former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin for their vacant presidency.

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From Gold Cup to World Cup? Summer stakes are high for these five USMNT players

The Gold Cup has often served as a launchpad for U.S. players to claim World Cup roster spots, and this summer's edition offers a group of eager hopefuls looking to do just that.

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Nationals’ Trea Turner breaks wrist after being hit by pitch

Nationals shortstop Trea Turner was hit on the wrist by a Pedro Strop pitch and is out indefinitely.

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Report: John Calipari interested in Knicks’ vacant presidency

Kentucky coach John Calipari reportedly has interest in running the Knicks.

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Report: Mets interested in signing Bartolo Colon

Could Big Sexy be in for a reunion with the Mets?

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The Knicks butchered their top pick’s name on his first day with the team

The Knicks are still the Knicks. 

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Report: Gordon Hayward opts out of contract, will meet with Heat and Celtics

Gordon Hayward will reportedly visit the Heat and Celtics in addition to the Jazz. 

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Report: Venus Williams 'at fault' for fatal car accident that killed 78-year-old man

The accident reportedly occurred June 9 in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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Goodnight, sweet prince: The Braves have designated Bartolo Colón for assignment

Saying goodbye to one of the most fun players of his time as the unexpected second half of his career comes to an apparent close.

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Marshawn Lynch giving away 2,000 free water park tickets to kids in Oakland

Beast Mode comes through for 2,000 kids in Oakland. 

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Mexico unprepared for early onslaught as Germany rolls on to Confederations Cup final

Germany's quick goals were too much for Mexico to overcome in a 4–1 result in the Confederations Cup semifinal.

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Brett Favre on returning to NFL as coach or GM: 'Never say never'

Brett Favre may be coming back...again.

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Aledmys Diaz, Dansby Swanson among promising young shortstops struggling in 2017

Aledmys Diaz's demotion to Triple A was the latest instance of a young, promising shortstop struggling in the 2017 season.

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Cristiano Ronaldo shares photo of newborn twins

Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture on social media showing off his new twins. 

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10 biggest stories of college football off-season

As the start of the preseason begins to approach, let's look back at some of the biggest news stories of the 2017 college football off-season.

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Media Mailbag: Would Bill Simmons return to ESPN?

Exploring if Bill Simmons would ever make an ESPN return, plus thoughts on the sports media landscape, NFL commercials and more.

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Star-studded flag football league leans on NFL influences in debut

The presence of the NFL could be felt everywhere in a new flag football league's debut this week—and not just because Michael Vick and Terrell Owens were playing.

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Report: WWE's SummerSlam has a new main event

Will SummerSlam main event feature Brock Lesnar against Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns?

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The new must-have minor league bobblehead is one honoring Tommy John surgery

The Potomac Nationals pay tribute to a revolutionary medical procedure with a must-have giveaway.

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Video: Doctors pause surgery to watch Chile's Confederations Cup PK shootout win

Nothing could stop Chile's fans from tuning in to watch their country in the Confederations Cup semifinal. Not even performing surgery.  

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The Best Yoga Mats 2017

We've collected our favorite, lightest and most comfortable yoga mats.

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How to conquer the biggest challenges first-time triathletes face on race day

The mass swim start and transitions are the two biggest challenges first-time triathletes face, but you can conquer them using these expert tips.

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Jae-gyun Hwang’s bat drop after his first homer can only be described as a thing of beauty

So much power. So much grace.

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Celtics target Gordon Hayward once said he 'can't stand' Tom Brady

Can Boston Celtics fans look past Gordon Hayward saying he doesn't share their love of local hero Tom Brady?

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Mike Trout is injured, but the Angels have only improved during his absence

Mike Trout's injury was supposed to doom the Angels' season. Instead, it galvanized them.

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Mexico, Germany clash for place in Confederations Cup final vs. Chile

Follow for live updates and highlights of goals and key plays from Germany's Confederations Cup semifinal vs. Mexico.

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WATCH: Jimmy Butler gives out phone number at press conference

At his introductory press conference, the traded NBA player told critics to call him.

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Gonzaga's next step after the best season in school history

How will the Gonzaga Bulldogs build on last season's success?

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FIFA approves FC Dallas GK Jesse Gonzalez's switch from Mexico to USA

FC Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez will represent the USA and not Mexico after securing a FIFA one-time switch.

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Report: Melo ‘chewed out’ Kristaps Porzingis over praise of triangle offense

Kristaps likes the triangle. Melo hates it. 

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After Chris Paul Trade, All Eyes Turn To Blake Griffin

With Chris Paul gone, Blake Griffin's free agency decision will determine the Clippers' future. 

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Watch: Oh my God, Floyd Mayweather is going to kill Conor McGregor, isn't he?

This fight is not going to end well for Conor McGregor, is it?

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Former ESPN reporter Prim Siripipat taking second shot at pro tennis career

After a 15-year absence from professional tennis, Prim Siripipat decided she needed to make a comeback.

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Chris Paul gave gift of technology to kids in south L.A. before leaving Clippers

On the eve of his trade, Chris Paul helped out kids in a community of South Los Angeles. 

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Watch: Jeff Fisher tells Rams staff he has been fired

Watch: Jeff Fisher tells Los Angeles Rams staff he has been fired.

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Aaron Judge shows why it's unwise for fans to taunt Aaron Judge

These jeering White Sox fans learned first-hand that Judge isn't to be messed with.

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Theo Epstein calls Miguel Montero ‘a bad teammate’ for criticizing Jake Arrieta

Epstein made the decision to cut Montero quickly. 

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Traina Thoughts: PETA asks people why they eat bacon and it doesn't go well

Bacon lovers brought out all the memes when Peta asked a bad Twitter question.

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Report: Isiah Thomas 'dark horse candidate' to become Knicks president

Isiah Thomas is reportedly a "dark horse candidate" to become the new Knicks president.

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Wimbledon 2017 preview roundtable: Predictions, dark horses, more

Ahead of Wimbledon 2017, SI experts make their bold predictions, review the top storylines and pick the men's and women's winners.

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"This one is headed for New Jersey!": An oral history of Barry Bonds's titanic Yankee Stadium homer

Despite the Yankees' official measurement of only 385 feet, some say Barry Bonds's mammoth homer that day was the most impressive they'd ever seen.

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Brother of Texas signee Mohamed Bamba alleges recruiting violations

The brother of Texas five-star signee Mohamed Bamba alleges he took cash, other benefits from financial advisor.

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Ashley Cole finds career rejuvenation, not a beach to relax, in Los Angeles

Ashley Cole's career has been littered with tabloid headlines, and one choice comment followed him to MLS, but the England veteran is finding career salvation with the LA Galaxy.

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NBA Matchmaker: Perfect Fits For Free Agents

Gordon Hayward in Celtic green? Blake Griffin playing in South Beach? We play matchmaker for the biggest NBA free agents.

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Eric Lindros is worried about everyone's concussions but his own

Ten years after repeated concussions brought his star-crossed career to a close, the former Flyers phenom is, in his words, doing better.

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Beyond the Baseline Podcast: Kim Clijsters

On this week's episode, host Jon Wertheim talks with Kim Clijsters about her Tennis Hall of Fame induction, motherhood in tennis, Wimbledon and more.

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FC Cincinnati, Miami FC eliminate MLS foes in dramatic fashion in U.S. Open Cup

The USL and NASL clubs pulled off stunners to send the Chicago Fire and Atlanta United packing and continue their U.S. Open Cup runs.

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How to watch Germany vs. Mexico: Confederations Cup live stream, TV, time

How to watch online and on TV when Mexico takes on Germany in the 2017 Confederations Cup semifinal.

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Thursday's Hot Clicks: Claudia Jovanovski; How nepotism led to Chris Paul's departure from L.A.

In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we look at the Chris Paul-Doc Rivers relationship and a feature on the lovely Claudia Jovanovski.

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Chris Paul Bets His NBA Career On The Rockets

Chris Paul is leaving a lot on the table—money, the ball, and possibly his legacy—to take a chance on the Rockets.

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NBA rumors: Hayward set to meet with Heat, Jazz and Celtics

NBA rumors: Gordon Hayward set to meet with Heat, Jazz and Celtics.

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Bobby Wagner Can See into the Future

Most times, the Seahawks' middle linebacker knows what's coming. The tells are in your running back's shoulders, in your linemen's fingertips and how your receivers adjust their gloves at the line of scrimmage

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The John Dorsey Dismissal: Where It Went Wrong in K.C.

It took the league—and some on the team—by surprise, but there were signs the end was near. Here are three flash points that played a part in the Chiefs changes. Plus more notes on a glaring Cowboys problem, Zach Orr's big risk and the back story of the feel-good tale of the offseason

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среда, 28 июня 2017 г.

Buy or sell? It could come down to AL vs. NL

The Royals should be selling. Instead, they're only two games out. In the NL, the World Series-champion Cubs are left with a narrow path to the playoffs.

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MLB umpire saves woman from falling off bridge near PNC Park

MLB umpire John Tumpane saved a woman's life.

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Watch: Kris Bryant exits game after rolling ankle on third base

Kris Bryant needed assistance walking off the field on Wednesday night.

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Watch: Tim Tebow homers in first day with Port St. Lucie Mets

Tim Tebow homers in his first day with the Port St. Lucie Mets.

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Yankees, Nationals and Brewers among playoff contenders who must fortify their bullpens

The Nationals and Yankees are potential contenders in the pennant race, but their creaky bullpens may fall them if they don't seek reinforcements.

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New Zealand rugby streaker asks fans to pay his fine for him, hardly anyone donates

He has a major case of streakers' remorse. 

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Hawks adding barbershop to arena

But the Hawks' plans didn't stop there. They also added a club. And a golf simulator.

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2020 U.S. Olympic Trials to be held at Mt. San Antonio College

Mt. SAC was chosen over Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

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Chile reaches third straight major final after Claudio Bravo PK heroics vs. Portugal

Claudio Bravo made three consecutive saves in a shootout to lead Chile to the Confederations Cup final with a win over Portugal on Wednesday.

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Report: FBI investigating 2021 track world championships awarding to Eugene, Oregon

The FBI is investigating the 2021 IAAF World Championships being awarded to Eugene, Oregon.

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Ten Steps To Undo Phil Jackson’s Damage To Knicks

The Knicks will have a tough time working from under Phil Jackson's failings. But here's how that process should look. 

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Trailer released for Michael Phelps vs. Shark: Battle for Ocean Supremacy

The Great White Shark meets the Greatest of All-Time.

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After Chris Paul trade, Twitter absolutely savaged DeAndre Jordan

Twitter endlessly mocked DeAndre Jordan after Chris Paul was traded to Houston.

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All hail Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau's world-class Dad Hat

Thibs has reached Peak Little League Coach.

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Wrestling News of the Week: Previewing a trio of world championship matches

Previewing a trio of world championship matches, a SportsCenter anchor's transition to wrestling and more. 

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The Cubs' Albert Almora apparently has a special message for President Trump

Albert Almora's trip to the White House may have included a not-so-nice gesture toward the president.

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Cubs make second White House visit to celebrate 2016 championship

While in D.C. to take on the Nationals, the Cubs stopped by the White House to visit President Trump.

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Ranking the ACC-Big Ten Challenge matchups

Ranking the ACC-Big Ten Challenge matchups from most to least exciting.

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The Cubs' move to designate Miguel Montero for assignment is understandable, but harsh

Miguel Montero's postgame comments were unprofessional, but the Cubs' move to designate Montero for assignment was heavy-handed.

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Chris Paul sends heartfelt thanks to Clippers fans after trade to Rockets

Chris Paul said thank you to Clippers fans after six seasons in Los Angeles.

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Jason Williams out 6-8 months after injury in Big3 debut

The former NBA point guard suffered a knee injury in his debut in the new league.

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The Legend of Mordecai: Vince McMahon loved this wrestler’s gimmick—until he didn’t

Mordecai was going to get a big push, but then he threw away his chance. 

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GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Undertaker threw Mick Foley off a cage 19 years ago today

No one will ever forget The Undertaker throwing Mankind off the top of a cage.

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Trade Grades: Rockets Join Superteam Arms Race With Chris Paul

How will Chris Paul and James Harden fit together in Houston? To put it one word: Beautifully.

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Fading fast: Ronda Rousey shows how quickly the 'where are they now' point can be reached

From The World's Most Dominant Athlete to "where are they now" didn't take long.

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Chrissy Teigen laughs off nip slip at John Legend concert

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Watch: Wayde van Niekerk runs fastest 300 meter race ever

Wayde van Niekerk owns the 400 meter world record and now the fastest 300 meter race ever run.

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Transfer news, rumors: Aubameyang to China, Alexis to Manchester City?

Keep up with the latest transfer news and rumors on the biggest names in the game, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and more.

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Don't worry about Alabama's low recruiting ranking

Alabama trails Kansas, Vanderbilt, Syracuse and Iowa State in the 2018 recruiting rankings right now, but the Crimson Tide shouldn't worry yet.

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Twitter goes crazy after Chris Paul reportedly traded to Rockets

When it was announced Chris Paul was headed to Houston, Twitter went nuts.

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How two UFC fighters use technology to gain an edge in the octagon

Inside the NY Sports Science Lab, where UFC fighters train their bodies using advanced technology.

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With BALCO behind him, Victor Conte is still hustling and loving every minute of it

Just a few miles from his BALCO lab that served as the epicenter of the steroid scandal that rocked multiple major sports, Victor Conte is building his name up all over again in the supplement and fitness world.

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Did The Hoopers predict the 2017 NBA off-season?

They knew all along. All of it.

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Portugal, Chile square off for a place in the Confederations Cup final

Follow for live updates and video of goals and key plays from Portugal's Confederations Cup semifinal vs. Chile.

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Report: Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after catcher calls out Jake Arrieta

The Cubs catcher did not mince words with how he felt about the starting pitcher not holding runners on base.

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Traina Thoughts: Phil Jackson was a disaster in front office and on Twitter

Phil Jackson's Twitter feed is filled with gibberish and awful takes.

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Spike Lee reacts to Phil Jackson's Knicks departure: 'HALLELUJAH'

New York Knicks superfan Spike Lee rejoiced at the news of Phil Jackson's departure from the team.

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Watch: Here, for some reason, is Raiders punter Marquette King kicking a lot of food

If you can kick a dozen eggs, you can kick a football.

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Report: Clippers trade Chris Paul to Rockets

In a stunning off-season development, Chris Paul is reportedly on the move. 

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2sRJvvO

Report: Chris Paul traded to Houston Rockets

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Cole Hamels is struggling to miss bats, and it may signal long-term problems for the Rangers

Cole Hamels had a disastrous return from an oblique injury, but his inability to get swinging strikes this season stem from before the Rangers starter was injured.

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Mailbag: Should you root for Novak Djokovic's comeback story?

The interesting philosophical question surrounding Novak Djokovic's comeback, how the men's seedings work at Wimbledon 2017 and more.

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Serena Williams, John McEnroe and the men vs. women debate

John McEnroe's controversial comments about Serena Williams have ignited a gender debate. Should male and female athletes be pitted against each other?

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Report: LAFC close to signing Wesley Sneijder to Designated Player deal

LAFC is reportedly close to signing Wesley Sneijder to a two-year deal to make him the MLS expansion club's first Designated Player.

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Kate Bock sizzles on the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine

Kate Bock dishes on her relationship with NBA star Kevin Love and reveals who her Swimsuit idols are.

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Why NFL contracts are vastly different from NBA contracts

As we'll see when NBA free agency opens, the NFL's way of doing player business varies significantly (and is much less player-friendly) than the NBA's. From the reasons behind player trades to contract guarantees, let's dig into it.

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When does NBA free agency start?

Once the clock strikes midnight, all the fun starts. 

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How to watch Portugal vs. Chile: Confederations Cup semifinal live stream, TV channel

How to watch Portugal vs. Chile in the 2017 Confederations Cup semifinal. 

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Phil Jackson's Refusal To Evolve Forced The Knicks' Hand

The Carmelo situation. The Porzingis exit interview. The "posse" scandal. In the end, the Knicks had no choice but to fire Phil Jackson.

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ESPN announces hiring of Adrian Wojnarowski

The NBA's most powerful reporter is officially headed to ESPN. 

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Clinton Portis says he had more than 10 concussions during NFL career

Former NFL RB Clinton Portis says he had more than 10 concussions during NFL career.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2t0HBHt

Clinton Portis wanted to kill guys who mismanaged his money

Clinton Portis wanted to kill guys he says mismanaged his NFL fortune.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2shkZp7

Away from the NFL spotlight, financial ruin drove Clinton Portis to the brink of murder

For the elite running back who once pulled on colored wigs and novelty glasses to embody playful alter egos, financial ruin turned life after the NFL serious—and nearly drove him to commit a violent act of revenge.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tXnjP3

The Knicks Finally Give Up On Phil Jackson

Firing Phil Jackson doesn't fix all of the Knicks' problems—but it's a good start.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tXvbAj

How All 32 NFL Teams Handle Analytics

Who is embracing the new wave of information (and how), and who is still leaning old school in the NFL

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2t0m9SN

How Clinton Portis racked up $5 million amount in debt

Clinton Portis racked up $5 million amount in debt during his NFL career.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2s1FsKs

Every NFL Play Is a Brutal Game of Chess

Football games are won on the merits of power, speed and a refined intelligence. James Urban, the Bengals' receivers coach and one of the most respected assistants in the league, walks us through the nuances of how plays are designed, routes are run, and passes get thrown

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Wednesday's Hot Clicks: CJ Franco; Dolphins superfan gets married in helmet

In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, a Dolphins fan gets married in a football helmet, and a look at the lovely CJ Franco.

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Meet Lonzo Ball's Agent ... (No, It's Not LaVar)

Why did the Ball family hire a 28-year-old rookie agent with no NBA clients to represent Lonzo? Once you meet Harrison Gaines you figure out why.

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Report: Yasiel Puig has suspension for obscene gesture rescinded

Yasiel Puig has one-game suspension rescinded; to charitable donation instead

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Are The Celtics On The Brink Of A Superteam?

Isaiah Thomas had a dream season for the Celtics this year, now his sweetheart contract might deliver them a superteam.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tnE0Gq

NBA rumors: Jackson, Knicks to part ways; Rockets pursuing Chris Paul

The post-draft rumors are heating up. Check out the latest news regarding the draft, free agency and trades here.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tXn5HS

Report: Phil Jackson, Knicks to part ways

Phil Jackson, Knicks to part ways

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вторник, 27 июня 2017 г.

Starting Nine: Cubs have more than a basestealing problem; Mets have more injuries

The Nationals swiped seven bases over four innings in their win over the Cubs.

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Interference call negates tying run, propelling Florida to first-ever CWS title

Florida won the game 6-1. But it was a crucial call on the bases that sent the would-be tying run back to third and the Gators on to their first College World Series title.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2sfI0sD

NBA rumors: John Wall recruiting Paul George, James Harden recruiting Chris Paul

The post-draft rumors are heating up. Check out the latest news regarding the draft, free agency and trades here.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tgam5C

Florida Gators win first-ever College World Series after 103 seasons

After 103 seasons, the Florida Gators are national champions for the first time.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tj8CIg

Manny Pacquiao: Conor McGregor has no chance in fight vs. Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao won't even watch Mayweather vs. McGregor.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tiNodJ

All bets are off: Supreme Court to review sports betting ban

The state of sports gambling could undergo a major shift now that the federal governement has officially been involved. 

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2ug6C0P

Three Vanderbilt football players involved in shooting over stolen phone in Target parking lot

The incident started over a stolen cell phone.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tlVV0e

Reports: Bayern’s Kingsley Coman arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman was reportedly arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2ufozwf

Former Mets pitcher Anthony Young dead at 51

Anthony Young has died after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. 

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2sOzAqN

Connor McDavid explains awkward airport photo with fans

Connor McDavid explains the awkward airport photo of him with two fans that went viral.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tigBFT

Chicago Cubs to make second White House visit on Wednesday

Joe Maddon will also be speaking to a group of young Republicans. 

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2sYuGWB

Wife buys husband a Miami Dolphins helmet to wear during their wedding

He can thank his wife for already embracing his love of "everything Miami."

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2rZyIMQ

Looking back at a quarter-century of England's penalty kick shootout woes

England added a new chapter to its well-documented penalty shootout failures with its Euro U-21 semifinal loss to Germany.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2sf0jhl

Kevin Durant congratulates Russell Westbrook on MVP award in YouTube comment

Kevin Durant appeared to have congratulated Russell Westbrook in the comment section of a YouTube video.

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tlplvp

Isaiah Thomas shouts out lone voter for all-defensive second team

Isaiah Thomas shows love to his one and only all-defensive second team voter. 

from Latest News http://ift.tt/2tUzAUu